We build.

Pokorn Construction specializes in high quality residential construction, remodeling and woodworking. This ranges from new residential or small commercial projects to handyman duties for our most cherished clients.


About Christian Pokorn

Christian Pokorn is a seasoned expert and resource in his field. His experience in vision and execution has helped him deliver exceptional service to a variety of clients. He cares about quality, rather than speed. Coming from a long line of woodworkers in his hometown of Graz, Austria, craftsmanship runs in Christian’s blood. He’d spent his summers working in his great-uncle’s sawmill, honing his love for woodworking. After that he expanded into fixing things around his family’s home. Ten years ago he got married to his wife, while on vacation in California and settled in Monterey. He brought his love of construction to some of the most beautiful houses in the world in Big Sur, Carmel, and Pebble Beach. In June of 2010, he and his wife and two children moved to New Orleans. His goal is to bring fine, quality homes to the greater New Orleans area. He feels fortunate to be realizing his dream of owning his own construction company and do something he loves every day.

About the Crew

We are lucky to have a crew of dedicated craftsmen that share our values. By having worked on a large variety of projects we have the experience and knowledge to provide a vast range of construction services from new construction and remodeling to small jobs. We are problem-solvers that have been working in the New Orleans construction industry for many years. Our unique approach and understanding of client's needs has quickly gained us a good reputation in Louisiana. We are happy when our finished project fully meets your needs and wishes. We believe that the quality we provide, as well as the appreciation for our trade, client and the finished product are hard to find these days.

We like what we do for a living. Of course it is profitable, otherwise we wouldn't do it, but we thoroughly enjoy working on houses. It is a great display of one's physical and mental capabilities and it bears instant gratification. In addition, we are able to work on the unique homes throughout New Orleans. We enjoy the pride and attachment people have in the architecture and we try to do it justice.