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Let's make things easy to book your sewer inspection to get you exactly what you need. We know the value of your project and it means a lot to us to make sure everything is up to shape before you buy or sell. Schedule a sewer inspection with a scope as part of your home inspection today with a New Orleans contractor! If you're in need of an inspection in NOLA or the greater area, we can help, our inspection services will take care of everything.

With Pokorn Construction you get:

  • Professional Sewer Inspections

  • Convenient Online Scheduling

  • Residential and Commercial Services

  • Location of any breaks, blockages or other issues

  • Experienced technician on-hand

  • Result data on a USB stick

  • Map of sewer system

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You've found your perfect home. Congratulations, we'll be glad to welcome you into the New Orleans community. To avoid any unwelcome surprises later, sewer inspections are a part of regular home inspections. A good thing too, cause there's no worse feeling than settling in, discovering an issue and getting hidden costs and headaches down the line. If you've found the dream home, you don't want it smelling like the sewers. Apart from smells, backed up water can leak into a home, along with leading to higher water and sewer bills if there are significant leaks or blockades. The inspection is relatively inexpensive and done within around an hour and prevents much more expensive problems.

What's a sewer inspection?

A sewer inspection is performed with a camera to examine the main sewer line, to inspect to home visually from foundation to roof and make sure any issues, breaks or blockages can be discovered in advance. Sewers are unlike other parts of a home. Primarily, because people don't live in the sewers. Mostly, it's because people don't know much about how they work or how to tell if they have problems with their sewer. It's a valuable service that lets you know if there's trouble before the ink on your home purchase contract has dried. Our frequently asked questions should help you with all the advantages of this service.

How does a sewer inspection work?

The inspection is performed with a camera attached to a snake line. It's also called a sewer scope inspection because that's how we get to look inside the pipes and lines. It'd be awkward and gratuitous to always climb inside the pipes. With a video camera, we "drive" through the line and record the condition of the sewers and look for roots, cracks, breaks, blockages, collapses and any other issues or damage in your sewer.

Why is a sewer inspection necessary?

Sewer pipes and lines are hidden, which also means any problems aren't easy to find. You'll notice it when you can't flash or water won't drain, but even without these tell-tale signs, it's hard to tell if all lines are in good condition. An inspection can reveal unknown problems in a home before they become a huge problem.

Why should I get a sewer inspection?

For most prospective homeowners, the sewer line inspection in addition to the standard home inspection, has become the standard, because it saves time and money. It won't break your bank and makes sure your house doesn't either. Typically, a sewer inspection is not included with the more general home inspection and is ordered separately via experienced contractors like us.

When should I schedule a sewer inspection?

We recommend they are always performed as part of a home inspection. Additionally, you should also schedule one if you notice any issues with the sewer line like a sewer backup and clogs or when you're planning a home renovation. Generally speaking, you might want to schedule one once a year. Think of it as a visit to the dentist, except of course your teeth won't hurt after an appointment with us. You could also be curious about your sewers. Which might sound weird, but is not unheard of.

Can I check for any issues without an inspection?

Sure, but by that point, it may be too late. If you experience clogs or sings that won't drain, it sounds like there's already an issue. The signs become apparent quickly, and the problems can only get more severe. So if there are drain issues or your toilets won't flush or draining one fixture leads to backup in another – book an appointment with us. Those are all the signs of a sewer problem.

How much does an inspection cost?

Depending on the line, difficulties and other issues, prices can vary. We offer an hourlong inspection (appointment offer includes drive-to the appointment) for $275. Multiple units (+50$ per unit) and accessing the sewer via your roof (+50$) cost a little bit extra.


To make the most out of your booked time with us, here's what to expect from us during a sewer inspection:

Preparation for the Inspection

Before our technicians arrive, please ensure that all involved (you, realtors, other occupants) know about our arrival time, procedures and what's needed. Our technicians will always need:

  • Access to water and electric hookups

  • A clear path to main line

  • Possibly: Roof access to gain access to the sewer line

During the Sewer Inspection

The technician will examine the property, locate all sewer/plumbing lines and access points needed. Please ensure that any pets living on the property are restrained to avoid accidents. If you are prone to clumsiness, please watch your step, even if it’s your own property.

Should you be interested, you are more than welcome to watch the process and view the inspection as it happens on our monitor. While we perform the inspection and create the lateral inspection video, our technicians can discuss what we see live. If the pipe is completely open and the line is in a serviceable condition, we will tell you right away.

Due to breaks, blockages or roots, a technician may sometimes be unable to see the entire sewer lateral during the inspection. Should this be the case, the inspection will be rescheduled for after corrections like cabling, plumbing or access to the stack have been finalized.

Occasionally, we may indicate locations breaks and blockages found with tape, flags or other markings on the ground. Don't move the markers if you want to know where breaks actually are. Otherwise we might have to do it all over again.

Results of a Sewer Inspection

We will hand our findings on a USB stick with the video directly to the client who ordered and paid for the service. If any realtors, home inspectors or current owners need to be made aware of this, the video can only be passed on upon the client's request. If our findings need further explanation, our customer service team is more than happy to assist you with answers.